Multi Room TV & Sound System Installation

Multipoint TV installation, Sky Multiroom

multiroomHave you ever found yourself in the kitchen and wanting to watch your favourite programme or in the bedroom and wanting to watch a film?

Does your family have different tastes in film and TV and there’s always a bit of sulking when somebody doesn’t get their own way?

You know what you need?

Multi Room TV installation and Sky Multiroom

The beauty of Multi Room TV installation is that you can watch TV in any room in your home and if you want, the whole family can be watching different things. How cool is that?

Other than the great flexibility that Multi Room AV can give you, these are some of the other benefits:

Great choice – HD TV, HD DVD, Play Station and Xbox games, HD Movies, access to TV series, all of these can be individually selected from a room of your choice.

Superb quality – once you have experienced High Definition TV there is no going back.

Sky Multiroom Installation

To benefit from Sky Multiroom, you will need the right subscription. Our teams can arrange this for you. You will also need additional Sky boxes for each room you would like to set up Sky TV in.

Our professional installer will do everything for you, including installing the equipment and setting up your new boxes.

Sky Multiroom is only a few pounds extra a month per extra box for all the same channels you receive with your main Sky TV package.

To find out more about how Multi Room Television and Sky Multiroom can change your life then please call us on 0330 333 7268.