Install MATV & SMATV Systems

MATV and SMATV systems installed for national clients

smatvA1 Aerials are specialists in all aspects of MATV and SMATV installations. Our friendly team of engineers are highly trained and can help advise you on your MATV and SMATV installation. They have many years experience and have managed installations all over the Midlands and further afield, from simple office installations to complex hotel projects.

MATV Systems

An MATV system, short for master antenna television, carries analogue and digital TV signals through a head end to people receiving either Freeview or subscription TV.

A distribution network then carries the signals to television sockets in multiple rooms or households.

Unfortunately, most MATV systems do not carry digital TV signals due to their age. To find out how that may affect an MATV installation, contact us today.

Our engineers can fully install an MATV system commercially, including fitting a UHF TV aerial and as many outlet points as required.

SMATV Systems

A SMATV system, short for satellite master antenna television, is the enhanced version of the MATV system.

The most important difference is the ability for SMATV to receive digital satellite signals, increasing the viewing possibilities.

SMATV systems are ideal for large occupancy buildings, such as hotels, schools and colleges and communal buildings such as blocks of flats and office buildings.

How does SMATV work?

Our engineers will install a satellite dish and antennae so that you can receive programmes from satellite broadcasters. The antenna feeds into electronic equipment which tunes in the channels that you select and puts them into a single cable signal. If you already subscribe to a cable service then the transfer can be as simple as disconnecting the cable and plugging it into the new system. If you don’t have a cable network then we can plan and install one for you.

Quality MATV & SMATV equipment

When we are installing MATV or SMATV systems we only use the best quality equipment and components on the market. Top brand names like Triax, Fraccaro and Vision enable us to deliver high quality reception and our access to CIA approved products means that the cabling and other components we use are the industry benchmark when it comes to quality and performance.

Our engineers can fully install a SMATV system commercially, including fitting a satellite dish and as many outlet points as required.

Contact us now on 0330 333 7268 if you need help with a MATV or SMATV installation and we would be glad to help.