IPTV & Smart TV Services

smart-tvOver the years A1 Aerials have built an excellent reputation in all aspects of IPTV and Smart TV installation. Our free callout and quotation service together with our quick response, expertise, affordability and guarantee of quality has made A1 Aerials a leading IPTV and Smart TV installation company.

What are IPTV and Smart TV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and is digital television delivered to your TV rather than your PC through a high speed internet broadband connection. With IPTV the channels are encoded in IP format and delivered to the TV through a set top box. Video on demand is also part of the IPTV service.

Smart TV is sometimes called hybrid TV or connected TV and is best described as an integration between the internet and television technology. Smart TVs have less focus on traditional broadcast media and more focus on interactive media, internet TV, on-demand content, and streaming media.

IPTV and Smart TV systems installed for national clients

A1 aerials can design and install a networked TV system from computer based cabling (cat5). Its primary use commercially is in hotels where you can have server control for normal TV and pay TV content with easy billing options.

A1 Aerials can design a digital entertainment system for hotels which is fully customisable. A system which gives you the facility to offer your guests their choice of movies, news and TV. From Hollywood blockbusters to awe-inspiring documentaries, you can delight your guests by giving them pin sharp HD video on demand. We can show you how.

IPTV in the home

This technology is now crossing over from IPTV in hotels to IPTV in the home. We can set up a super fast network in your home so that you can use such services as Netflix, Sky and TV manufacturer portals. It is now possible to stream 3D content over your home network so give us a call to discuss your options.